Sunday, October 3, 2010

Little Brown Jug, Delaware Ohio

I have been painting from a picture I took at The Little Brown Jug and I am posting it midway to being completed.  To take the photo, I was nearly backed over by a horse trailer!  I saw this horse cooling out after his race and he was so beautiful, I really wanted his photo, so I whipped out the camera and started to focus, paying no attention to the man trying to back his gooseneck trailer into the spot where I was standing and focusing.  He didn't seem too disturbed and seemed touched that I wanted a photo of his horse, and mentioned that he wished more people wanted to see and take pictures of the horses.

So, I began drawing and painting this weekend, I especially wanted to capture the fall light on his mane and shoulders.  Am struggling a little with the face, all the leather from the harness and bridle really make it tough for me to get the face where I like it.
I will post it again when it is completed.

Other things on the table are a painting of a little girl with her pony which I will attempt in acrylics.
Growing up, my mom had an art studio in our house, and painted in oil paints, I loved the canvasses and paint brushes, and paints and everything about that room.
Recently, I had a friend give me some acrylic and oil paints and brushes which were left in the house they recently bought.  I thought it must be a sign that I should give them a try!

Back to the Shedrow
I will let you know how it goes.....thanks for visiting and listening....


  1. Your paintings are lovely. I especially like this one in progress and look forward to see it completed.

  2. It's looking great, thanks for showing us the work in progress. Can't wait to see the finished piece :)

  3. I love the neck muscles coming through in your painting and I look forward to seeing the completed piece. Good luck!