Friday, October 22, 2010

watercolor on canvas

I have been away at a horse show with my daughter. Haven't had much time to put the paint brush to paper, although I tormented everyone with picture taking as I viewed potential paintings all around me!

I painted these sailboats a week or so ago.  This is a small watercolor on watercolor canvas.
This was my first attempt at painting watercolor on the prepared canvas.  I had mixed feelings for the surface,  it is very different from the watercolor paper, has a very different feeling to it, the paint does not sink in, feels like it floats on top.  I wondered if anyone has had experience with it, likes, dislikes or suggestions for using it.  If you have used it, did you seal it with varnish as the inserts suggest?

 Let me know and thanks for stopping by.


  1. I have tried that watercolor canvas too, Maria. You described it perfectly. It just does not handle in a way I liked.
    Your painting came out nice though. Very fresh looking.

  2. Thanks for your visit to my blog, Maria. I enjoyed touring your site. Very nice work. I like your paintings of horses. I volunteer at a mustang rescue here in Maine, I have to do some paintings soon, but it is a little scary when you don't know the horse anatomy that well! It is getting cold here, really turning the corner now, but it was a nice fall, we were lucky!

  3. Thank you for your kind comments on my blog. I think your watercolors are lovely. It looks like you handled the watercolor very well on the canvas and you have a nice range of values. I experimented with it a while ago, but was not able to gain the control that you have. Have you tried Aquabord by Ampersand? If not, it is another interesting and forgiving surface for watercolor. I added your blog to my blog list!

  4. Thank you for taking a look, I think I will stay with watercolor paper and maybe I will try the Aquabord next.
    Mary Anne, you are fortunate to work with the wild mustang rescue, they would be so much fun to paint! I love the wild tangled manes and tails.
    I have some photos from the Outer Banks of the wild horses and hope to work on some paintings from them soon.

  5. i love your blog background. very fun. i like your subject matter. i have tried the watercolor canvas. The painting came out fine, but, it is not suitable for glazing in my opinion since the paint just comes right off of it if you go over it with a brush. i guess it is meant to be painted on in the alla prima style.

  6. Thanks for visiting Liana, I agree with you about the canvas, I am not in a hurry to try it again, I much prefer the heavier weight watercolor paper.