Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Under the Mistletoe
Now I promised not to over paint this painting, and my goal was to stay loose and this one was more fun to paint, maybe it was the goofy subject!

Now as a veterinarian we studied some animal behavior and I must say I found the subject fascinating, What makes dogs, cats, horses do the things they do and how to adjust their behavior to fit our human lifestyles was so interesting to me.

One subject we learned of was how we tend to humanize our pets and put human emotions and thoughts to their actions.  We dress our pets in coats and boots, sunglasses, and Halloween costumes...we feed them when we feel guilty for leaving them too long and assume they feel guilt and get angry just like we do.

I must confess I am as guilty as anyone else in this regard and include our pets in most parts of our human family life from meal time to boating and yes even Halloween and Christmas and assume them to be one of the family.

Well, I would love to tell you that this dog was feeling a bond with this snowman and expressing the holiday spirit and sending best wishes to Frosty here, but truth be told, my kids used her kibble for the eyes and mouth in lieu of coal, and Oakley, the dog, thought (as dogs do) that it was her snack time.

This sweet gesture on her part was followed by two paws on the shoulders of Frosty to get a better angle on those dog kibble and they both tumbled to the ground shortly after!  She felt no guilt I am sure as she ate the kibble and ran off with the carrot.  Next time the kids built a snowman Oakley was left in the fenced yard.

Thanks as always for looking and listening!


  1. Guilty as charged for invoking human feelings into my dogs....but it's so much fun. Although I have to admit, I've never dressed mine up. Not since I was a kid, at least.
    I had a similar experience with a snowman several years ago when my son used a carrot for the nose. The dog dug at the snowmans face until the carrot came out and then proceeded to eat it. Great painting!

  2. Thank you Gretchen, I like your facebook page link on your blog, I have been interested in starting one too, you did such a nice job on yours.
    Your Christmas cards are really nice too. You have been busy!

  3. I love this painting and it would make a great Christmas card!

  4. Wonderful painting and delightful story. Love them both!!

  5. Thanks Nancie, this was such a special dog, truly part of the family, thanks for becoming a follower too, look forward to seeing your work as well.