Friday, December 10, 2010

Call for Artists

Maria's Watercolor To all of my artist bloggers, check out this link. This year marks the seventh annual Wings, Tails & Scales Art Exhibition and Fundraiser at the Mid West Veterinary Conference. A portion of proceeds from the sale of artwork going to The Wounded Warrior Project and The Josh Project. (More info on the fundraisers are on the...

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Here is the link to the Josh and Friends website, some of the money raised by the art exhibit will go to purchase these books and stuffed golden retrievers for children in the hospital. They are sweet gifts for kids, check it out.
Our Golden Retriever, Josh, and Iâll Be O.K. help comfort children facing surgery or sickness

These are two pastel entries from last years exhibit


  1. You are so awesome for sharing this competition. I definitely think I'll do it! Your watercolors are beautiful!

  2. Thank you so much Rachel, I did not attend this meeting and competition last year, only sent my pictures, but I would like to go this year and I look forward to seeing your art there!