Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Corolla too

I have begun a sketch for my next painting, a black horse from photos I took of the wild horses of Corolla.

We have opened all the presents, ate many of the cookies and quite a bit of fudge, travelled across country to see family and barely beat the east coast blizzard on our way back home.

Kids are home from school for a little while longer, trying not to lose my rhythm of painting daily while they are home.   So I sneak in a few minutes before they wake or after they are in bed. 

Have to wonder how the animals in our life feel when vacations come and routines change, I am sure it is stressful for them, with company coming and going, dinner time changes, playtime disrupted.  We are all creatures of habit, routines can be so comforting, I have come to love my painting routine, very comforting to play my music and study my photos and paints and brushes.

Hope to have more to share with you shortly.


  1. Look forward to this one developing.

    Creatures of habit here too.. the dog prefers it - and I prefer it! :)

  2. Great composition and I like the negative shapes in this. I'm glad you made it home before the blizzard hit!

  3. I think my craving for routine gets stronger each year, I am so much less spontaneous Pat!
    Theresa, I have been looking at the negative space, especially under his neck and head, I am thinking high contrast here, darks and lights.....

  4. you love art and animals! beautiful shapes ....
    Happy New Year

  5. Thanks for visiting Celeste, I wish you a Happy New Years as well, a new year and full of possibilities!