Saturday, December 4, 2010

Born to Run Corolla North Carolina

I am painting this on Arches Art Board, cold pressed 140 pounds.
I really like this to paint on, it has all the qualities of paper with no need for a support.
I taped off the size of my painting, but needed no support to tape the paper to. And no buckling of the paper! Even if you use a lot of water!

I also bought the Aquaboard to try, one of my blog followers recommended it.

Let me know what you like for your watercolors, what works for you and doesn't work.

This is a work in progress of a wild horse on the Outerbanks. I had some great photos from a vacation I took there. We got up close and saw so many. I will show you more as the painting progresses.


  1. Wow - the horse looks stunning!

    My support of choice is Arches Aquarelle Rough.
    Love how rough paper handles :)

  2. Thanks Pat, I will try the rough next time I go to the art supply store, I haven't tried that yet, thanks for the tip!

  3. I haven't tried the board. I might have to check it out. I haven't found a favorite paper either. I like your plastic wrap effect on the background! I also love the colors in this one.

  4. Wow.. I love this! Really interesting to see how you are doing the grass. I love the blending and all of the colors! Great Job Maria! I cant wait to see the finished piece..

  5. Gretchen, I think you will like the board, I like everything about it, except the price, which is not bad if you like the painting, but expensive if it doesn't turn out right. Which I guess is not good for the stage fright syndrome we talked about, puts a little more pressure on!

  6. Thank you Jennifer, I will be interested to see how it turns out too! I am never sure of what direction to take until I get there no matter how hard I try to have a plan.