Monday, December 20, 2010

The Little Prince completed!

Early on Sunday, kids still asleep, hubby treating horses at the clinic,  before church, I snuck into my studio (also know as the basement), had my hot coffee, and I worked on this painting for a little while.

It is so quiet and peaceful, hard to quit and move on to the days events.  

I think it is part of being new to the artist world, but I never have a complete plan to the painting, never quite sure when it is complete, nervous to sell one, hoping the buyers will really like it.

 If I think back to being a young veterinarian, maybe it was the same way, doubting the treatment, wondering if it was the right antibiotic, if he was on it long enough, worrying for each pet sent home after surgery...maybe I should have kept him in the hospital one more night....

If I remember correctly, with each day of practice came more confidence, getting a feel for the antibiotics, how quickly they worked, knowing in my gut when the dog would be ok at home after surgery....maybe it is the same with painting, the more days you show up at the studio (or basement), the more confidence you have in what colors will work, how much background is enough, confident to put it in the mail to the person waiting for its arrival...

I will let you know as I go along on this new adventure!

Here is an interesting link to treating your sick horse without getting hurt...maybe it will be useful one day.


  1. What you say about being new to the artist's world rings so true. I'm still awaiting that first sale and the longer it takes the more I ask, am I doing the right thing?

    Love the painting. The shadows on the horses are really nice and I'm loving the soft background.

  2. Lee, I really like your paintings, I think you are an amazing artist.
    I think I was most encouraged by a friend of a friend who is an accomplished artist who told me that not many truly have a gift, and most artists get where they are by hard work. I thought I can do that! She told me if I put in two hours daily that I could learn I paint, 2 hours a day if I can, more some days, less other days, and it is so wonderful when you comment on my blog and tell me what is good and even what is not so good! There is so much to learn...
    From what I have seen, I believe in your talent, If it is what you love, just keep painting....

  3. Oh Maria, it is just so lovely. :) What a peaceful and touching scene. I think that it is a little bit of being a new artist. Although I wouldn't call myself new and admit to feeling like this sometimes. I think the key is that you have to just paint what you love and then trust that everything else will work out. If you love it, then others surely will too. Great post Maria. I'm sure you'll have much success. :)

  4. Crystal, thanks for looking, I appreciate your thoughts, it seems sometimes when I quit thinking and enjoy the painting that the results come out the best! Looking forward to your next post, I so enjoy what you paint...and looking forward to your landscape!

  5. That's exactly what it feels like being new - at anything. I had the same doubts as an accountant, then a reflexologist and then painting.
    Mind you, I think if you want to sell your work, it adds an extra dimension of worry. I paint primarily for me - and when someone wants one, its a bonus :)

    Your horse painting is really lovely. You have a great feel for animals xx

  6. Pat, thanks for your thoughts, it is good to know that the newness will soften a little, it seems that starting the painting is the most difficult, but once it gets going, it is so much fun...hard to put the brush down to make lunch!

  7. I took my first watercolor workshop with Tony couch when he was still a pilot for Delta. It was at Crystal Lake IL. He is a wonderful teacher for both beginners (cutting the learning curve greatly) and many art teachers and other art professionals. I have attended 7 workshop since that first one in 1987, making progress each and every time and he always signs off "keep your brushes wet" how true as you are finding out. thanks your work is great.

  8. I like that....."keep your brushes wet"... I think I will write it on the wall behind my painting desk, I am going to watch for Tony Couch workshops as well, all suggestions welcome and much appreciated! Many thanks.

  9. Your painting turned out great! I enjoyed reading about what it's like for veterinarians who are just starting out . . . never thought about the doubt that must go along with it. I think for most artists, it's 5% talent and 95% hard work! I know what you mean about it being hard to put the brushes down and make lunch . . . why does the time go twice as fast when we paint? LOL!

  10. Maria- I am right there with you on being new and trying to learn and loving every minute of it. I think your little prince is fabulous! Really beautifully done. Great job and keep up the work in that studio/basement:)
    Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting.

  11. Thanks Theresa and Kathy too for looking and your comments, I am working on a few new paintings, I will share asap. Looking forward to see what you will have on the easel next!