Thursday, January 20, 2011

My watercolor palette

     So, I was very convinced that I needed this new watercolor palette, I had myself convinced that I needed more wells for more colors and that this was in the shape of the color wheel and would help me choose my color schemes (plus I had a 50 per cent off coupon at Dick Blicks Art Supply.)

     I took some time laying out the tubes of paint and deciding where they would go...and labeling the colors with blue tape....

        Now, this is my old palette....Can you guess which one I am using!?

      It is a pattern in my life, that I am often convinced of needing bigger, and better, and more conventional. Once I have moved on to the new I find myself clinging to what I had let go!

    So, in conclusion, I  believe it may be time to move on, and accept the newbie and slosh a little paint around in it, you know, take it for a spin.  I'll let you know how we get a long.

Any paint palette tips/life tips you would like to share?




  1. hi Maria, beautiful new palette, I can't pull up the photo of your old one. I have had mine for 30 years, I burnt it by putting it on the kitchen stove, just slightly warped and other imperfections.. but I am so familiar with it...(mine is John Pike Palette) You will love your new one just give it a few times and Don't throw out your old one, it'll come in handy sometimes. take care, you are doing beautiful work, Diana A tip, I have 2 yellows I use and I put out each twice so I can have a dirty one for my mixing with greens and a clean one for mixing with other colors or just using as is.

  2. Ooh, I love the yellow tip, my yellows do get muddied up with darks! I will double up on the new palette! Thanks for the tip Diana.

  3. I am SO LIKE THAT. But keep them both. I like the circle one.
    Diana, GREAT tip for yellows which are always a bit muddy!

  4. Mary, I'm so glad that I am not the only one resistant to change, I will post a used version of the new palette once it gets worked into the painting routine!