Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Day, grey horse in the snow, Pickerington Ohio

Snow Day, grey horse in the snow, 8 by 10 in acrylic
    Well, I have a friend, a vet tech working at the vet clinic and she saw some of my paintings and asked if I could paint a gift for her boyfriend, a painting of their cutting horse.  My first "commission"!  She sent me some great photos, and I thought about colors and paper and size of the painting, and even about lost edges (everything I have learned from reading my artist friends' blogs!).

    Then I did what every good artist should do, I put aside her photos and my trusty watercolors and found a small canvas and the re-gifted acrylics and messed around with those instead of working on her painting!

    I work so well under pressure.

    So, as an aside, one cold Ohio day, as my daughter rode her horse inside the indoor arena, I snuck outside and took some great photos of the horses turned out in the snow.  This one grey horse mostly wanted to go back inside and when he decided I wasn't going to be bringing him in, he gave me the cold shoulder.

    I must confess, I know nothing about acrylics, except what I have read on your blogs, so I blocked in color and shapes, and went back to model those blocks of color into something that resembled the horse in the snow.

    Like most of my paintings, I got to a point where I decided I have no idea what I am doing, I should have skipped vet school and gone to art school. Then when I have reached that point, I kind of give in and keep painting...and slowly I started to see a horse emerge from the mess of colors!  What fun!

    Well, I did go back and start on the drawing of that cutting horse, and decided to treat it as a study (learned that from your blogs too, thanks Gretchen) and just have fun with it, I can always start again, if need be.

     As I sit here with a whole new year ahead I am wondering if I can learn to be an artist from all your wonderful blogs, I have learned so much from you already!

I will keep you posted.


  1. Maria, where in Pickerington do you ride? I'm about 20 minutes from the Pickerington/Reynoldsburg exit off I-70.

  2. I love this Maria! You sure don't look like you never mess with acrylics! It is so beautiful.. I am so excited for you on your first commission.. I am finally starting to get them too. Good luck in 2011! It's going to be a great year.

  3. I think your painting is beautiful! I really like seeing your brushstrokes and the flash of yellow on the neck. It's very nice! And I think you are an artist already. :)

  4. Thanks everyone, it is fun to try different mediums, kind of takes the pressure off, I did start the cutting horse "study" today, and started a small drawing of a kitten for a small painting.
    Jennifer, I like the sounds of a good year in 2011, I am ready for it!
    Crystal, I am honored to be included in the artist category, I am sitting a little taller right now!

  5. I love your horse, and that is how we all started with acrylics- just got them out and started! Congratulations on your first commission! You sound like my kind of artist, we could both use a little more confidence- maybe this commission will help that!

  6. Congratulations on your first is a beautiful painting! I love the glow of the yellow and pink. You did a great job if this is your first time with acrylics. I feel the same way when I use acrylics, but it is a fun change of pace and so forgiving.

  7. Leslie and Sheryl thank you for your kind comments, I will definitely play with the acrylics some more, they are so different from the watercolors, and I love being able to paint over any weak spots.

  8. You did a fantastic job on this horse! I loved hearing about how he gave you the cold shoulder when he couldn't go back in . . . so funny! You really captured that irritated look on his face! Congrats on the commission!

  9. Theresa, he had definitely decided that I was of little use to him at that point!

  10. One of your best horse paintings! Excellent.
    And congrats on the commission xx

  11. Aww, thanks Pat, you have inspired me to go pick up my brushes! (and get a hot cup of coffee too...)