Sunday, February 20, 2011

Barn Kitty watercolor painting

This is a small 5 by 7 inch watercolor of one of the barn kitties at one of the many barns I loiter in, while my daughter rides.  I enjoy watching them curl up in horse blankets, or grain bags, chase imaginary mice, scare off some of the large dogs, jump onto the back of the horse in cross ties.....
Really who needs a smart phone to entertain yourself?

This is number 20 of 28 to be painted this month


  1. Brilliant painting!
    Frame it and hang it.. that's all it needs :) xx

  2. Beautiful painting!
    I love the composition, colors, posture and look on the kitten's face.

  3. I love those barn cats - they do such an important job! This one is a cutie! Goin for 28, you go girl!

  4. Great painting! I love the light on the back of the cat. Fun to hear about the barn cats, too!

  5. Thanks for the great feedback on this one, I downloaded photos off my phone, and I have some great shots, not the best quality photos, but some great ideas, still hard for me to put in the missing details if I can't see them in my references! But I am working on it!