Monday, February 14, 2011

"Beach Baby" young horse in watercolor Corolla North Carolina

watercolor sorrel horse from Corolla North Carolina
I think I am getting a little tired, but yesterday and today the painting definitely is not coming easily, my painting today started out as a rose in a vase....but definitely not sharing, I moved on to this young  horse on the beach of North Carolina.  

For a few days the painting came easily, I thought, wow, this painting a day thing is working......

Hoping tomorrow is easier!


  1. A painting a day is a tough challenge. There will be days when all seems bleak.. because you're only human, with all the foibles that entails.
    I think even the mistakes in watercolour we learn from - but can understand if something looks so grim you don't want to share.
    Your horses always look good - and this one does too.
    Keep it up xx

  2. Thanks Pat, I needed that! Today is a new day and ready to give it a another go!

  3. How did you get the color "sorrel" with your water colors?

  4. I use a combination of burnt sienna, and raw sienna and burnt umber, sometimes a touch of alizarin crimson to give a little glow!