Saturday, February 19, 2011

Morgan horse in the snow, Columbus Ohio

8 by 10 inch watercolor of chestnut horse in the snow.
I believe this horse is a Morgan, or part Morgan, he is one of the older, more mature horse in the turn out, he always has a somewhat aloof expression, watching the younger ones play.  This picture had such great light and shadow, tried my best to capture that in a one day painting.

8 by 10 inch watercolor painting.


  1. Gorgeous. You really do have an affinity with horses - the expressions you capture are brilliant xx

  2. Maria, you have a wonderful and vivid imagination. I could almost hear the surf in Hawii, too. [How do you spell "Haw ...?]

  3. Thank you so much Pat! I do like the horses...keep trying new things, but the horses are so much easier!

    Kathryn, that's the great thing about art, it gets you out of the basement, and takes you somewhere...better!

  4. Thanks Gretchen, not much detail, mostly dark and lights, you guys kept telling me to simplify! Not sure what will be on the easel tomorrow and I forgot to buy radishes at the grocery to paint.