Friday, February 25, 2011

Oh Deer, painting number 25 of 28 for February

deer in the woods watercolor 8 by 10 inches
This is actually my second painting of the day as the first just didn't come together.  Looking at this on line it is a little flat, needs some more highlights lifted out.   But it is not a sorrel horse, I tried something new!  Three more paintings to go in February, then I wonder where March will bring me in my art pursuit?                   Hmmm, we will see....


  1. Bravo Maria, for doing all these paintings so far.

  2. I second that - you've done so well.
    I've a feeling you'll be braver in your work.. nothing will faze you now! xx

  3. You have been accomplishing so much this month! I also wonder what you will do in March!

  4. Thanks Kathryn, Pat and Sheryl, you guys have been great for this whole month, so supportive, and I have learned so much from your watching your work.

    In March two things I really want to do is play more with the acrylic paint and GO BIGGER!