Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Rain Dear ( actually freezing rain and wind!)

watercolor 8 by 10 inch reindeer
    OK, I am finding daily paintings a bit of a challenge, I am finding it hard to finish a painting in a day when I usually paint over several days and have time to set the painting up and look at it.  And figure out where it needs to go.  Maybe tomorrow I will work on a simpler subject, less detail.

    I worked with three colors on this, yellow ochre, burnt sienna, um blue.   Like the background wash but struggled with detail and lighting here. May use these three colors again tomorrow for a moose painting.

    Stay with me, I like to think this will get easier...we will see!

    Oh and now I know why I like to paint antlers.


  1. EEK .. I KNOW I couldn't do a painting a day! Maybe a week ...? Good luck.

  2. So far it is harder than I thought, I will give it another go tomorrow!

  3. You can do it Maria.........reduce the size and simplify. Try simplifying your subjects and doing "quick studies". You might surprise yourself!

  4. Perhaps the idea of a painting a day is to loosen you up.
    The only thing that strikes me as odd in this painting (and please do tell me if suggestions offend, I don't want to do that) is that the antlers seem as if they are both on the far side of the head. That throws the perspective off for me. Can you see what I mean?
    Pat xx

  5. Gretchen, I am going with that idea, this is hard for me, my moose painting for today is a little...different. Tomorrow I am going for simple quick study.

  6. Pat, I totally appreciate your help! My painting for today is looser, but it drives me nutty not to get the details right! I agree with you on the antlers, I see the antlers as well as the rest of this reindeer painting as being very flat. Let's see if I can loosen up a little tomorrow! Maybe less coffee.....