Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sox, aka ghetto dog

This is an 8 by 10 watercolor of our Aussie rescue.  We adopted her from a nearby rescue a few years   back, the kids lovingly call her ghetto dog, as she lacks all of the class and dignity of our first Aussie.
From jumping out of the agility  ring, and then back in before she could be scolded, to stealing recyclables from the recycle bin,  to her very un-Aussie tail and curly hair, she is a riot.   Very happy dog, glad that she joined our family.


  1. Beautiful Aussie and great job painting her. I like the way you did the white fur on her chest :)

  2. Sox is a blast, great company while I paint, or compute, she makes every day better, funny how dogs can do that.
    I am glad you like her painting, my kids do too, maybe we will find her a mat and a frame and a place to hang!

  3. oh yes, you must frame her!
    Beautiful portrait of a wonderful companion. xx