Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I bought these earrings today on Etsy.  They are my reward for meeting my goal of 28 paintings this month.

They are inscribed with the words "Be True" on the back.

Now I am not sure about you, but it seems as though I have spent a lot of life making sure everyone else is happy. It is so instinctive in me to take care of everyone else first and change my plans to make sure everyone else gets what they need (or want).

That is not necessarily a bad thing, and helping others and putting others needs before your own is something to admire.  But after a while, you kind of forget what it is that you need, what you stand for, who you are....

Taking the time to paint regularly, seems to make that a little clearer.  From the music I listen to, my corner space I have carved out in the basement (I mean my studio), to the subjects I choose to paint, they are all my own.

Everyday, I look forward to seeing where it will lead me,

Thanks to Bridget and Heart of A Cowgirl for the earrings and inspiration.

Thanks to Gretchen for doing the 28 challenge with me, 

and thanks to everyone who has read these posts and given feedback and shared your art tips, it has been so much fun!

Most importantly, remember to "Be True"


  1. Maria, congradulations on attaining your goal!

  2. Thanks Kathryn, now for a new goal.........

  3. So glad you treated yourself, you deserve it and are so right.. take care! Diana

  4. Maria, thank you for your comment on "swept away". It is 12 x 15 inches. It should be good, once I get all the elements appropriately toned down.