Friday, April 22, 2011

Another Day In Paradise, Paradise Island, Bahamas

I painted this for the the Daily Paintworks Challenge, the challenge was to use complementary or split complementary colors.  I used a photo that my son took on vacation of the Koi Pond.

I found a sable brush, round, number six in with the acrylic/oil paints that a friend found in an old farm that they bought, and then gave this paint collection to me.

I am loving this brush with watercolors,  as a matter of fact, it appears to be the only brush, I want to use, it can create a sharp line or a broad stroke, holds the paint really well, I am obsessed with it!

Any thoughts on favorite brushes, for either watercolor or acrylic?  I would love to hear what works well for you, especially could use some suggestions for acrylics, as now I am using my mom's old oil brushes (probably over 40 years old!).


  1. Thanks Jennifer, I tried to add some texture with a white crayon on the upper middle before painting in the wash, and I find it very distracting, I may see if I can erase, and paint it in....I'll let you know if it works!