Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hood Ornament

yellow tabby cat in watercolor 8 by 10 inches on the hood of a car

Reference photo for this painting was from a day at the barn and returning to my car to find this big tabby sitting there, completely annoyed that he should have to move so I could go home!

It was a sunny winter day, and I know he liked the warmth from the engine and sun reflected on the hood of the car.

Reminds me of days of work as a veterinarian of what we called "fan belt kitties".  Often, in the winter, cats and especially kittens will get in under the hood of the car to be warm by the engine.  When someone turned on the car, the fan belt would do some pretty serious damage, and they required tons of stitches to piece them back together, if they survived at all.

So remember in those winter months to bang on the hood of the car before starting if you have wandering kittens!


  1. Maria- this tabby is beautiful! Great work!

  2. Thank you Sheryl, I am getting a feel for the new brushes, they hold so much more paint and water than my other brushes, it changes the feel so much. Feels more like applying, or sloshing on the color than painting it on. Different.

  3. You've caught his expression brilliantly. He does look rather peeved that he might have to move :lol: xx

  4. Yellow cats always seem to have strong opinions!

  5. This is wonderful. I love the expression on his face! It made me laugh too because we frequently find little cat paw prints on the windshield of our car.