Monday, May 16, 2011

Horse Snack, Daily Paintworks Challenge

This is my watercolor for the Daily Paintworks Challenge from last week (I actually painted it last week, just never posted it last it counts!) I usually paint from photos and the challenge was to paint your veggies, so I poked around in the fridge and noted to myself...I really should eat more veggies....But my daughter always stocks the fridge with carrots for Handy and Jackie O (the horses).  

Today I am working on this weeks challenge, which is a cute kitty sitting on the couch, will try to finish and post before next week.  And yes, Handy did get to eat the carrot when I was done (sorry Jackie).


  1. Very nice, Maria- the shadows are wonderful! Shadows are so important to get right and I love yours!

  2. Thank you Sheryl! It is definitely different to paint from real life than painting from photos, I am really working on making my shadows more lively, less flat, so glad you can tell!

  3. Hi Maria. Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog.
    Nice carrot--it's got great volume: it turns!
    It is definitely different painting from life.
    BTW I love the background, the pink and orange splashes, on your blog too!

  4. Looks good - love the shadows xx

  5. Thank you Laura, thank you Pat, fun to try something different!