Monday, July 11, 2011

Just You and Me, 8 by 10 inch watercolor on Arches paper, Sea Pines Hilton Head Island South Carolina

"Just You and Me", 8 by 10 inch watercolor from Sea Pines Hilton Head Island South Carolina on Arches paper
©Maria Reichert

One of my favorite vacation spots is Sea Pines on Hilton Head Island, such a pretty and quiet beach, love to walk in the evenings, watch the dolphins, shark, birds....occasional manatee.

Had to try this scene in watercolor, my two hardest subjects, water and people!  May try this again in acrylic one day. Wishing I were there today, and could put my feet in the sand.

Working on a horse portrait for a friend but like these little ones for practicing. Always practicing. Be back soon with something new!


  1. What a lovely scene. For your two hardest subjects, you did a very fine job!

  2. I'd never guess people and water were hard for you - this little scene is enchanting :) xx

  3. Lovely picture with wonderful watercolor painting.

  4. What a precious scene, and you painted it beautifully! I love the way you integrated the blues and yellows throughout the composition.

  5. Really beautiful work, Maria! I haven't painted in almost a month (house hunting and packing) and you have inspired me to hurry back to my studio- I will pack the paints last!

  6. love this one Maria, and yes I too wish I had sand on my feet today. take care! Diana