Sunday, July 17, 2011

"On The Farm" watercolor painting on paper of two old barns, a farm

"On The Farm"  Maria Reichert © 2011 11 by 14 inch watercolor on paper, available for sale contact me at
Found a pencil sketch of these barns in an old watercolor pad and decided to add some color!  This is the farm where my husband grew up, so pretty rolling hills.  Very peaceful place to be.  Funny, because I was born and lived many years of my life in the city, and find this kind of place so wonderful and peaceful.  Husband was raised out here and seems to prefer city life!  Go figure!  Another case of the grass is always greener?


  1. Nicely done, Maria. Looks like a great place.
    Carol B.

  2. It does look like a beautiful spot, Maria, and you have portrayed it so well.

  3. Thanks Kathryn, I have been practicing my landscapes! So glad that you like this.

  4. I've had fun looking at two old barns and your older posts. You have a great gift for capturing things you like.

  5. Lovely work.
    I grew up in the city, but was in the country every summer holiday, in Ireland. Totally love the country now, here in England. Hubby grew up in the country and wants to be more country still !
    In our case I think we both recognise a good thing when we see it - same as me looking at your charming watercolour :) xx

  6. Lovely! Great color, nicely composed.