Friday, July 8, 2011

Summer Days

Summer is just flying by.  So hard to believe that July is here already.  The kids have had a full summer and I am rushing to keep up.  The next few weeks will involve lots of travel to horse shows near and far with my daughter and her horse.  Miss painting on these days.  I have come to find my early morning routine of coffee, music and a paintbrush very peaceful, a time to sort out my thoughts.   Trying not to wish the days away either, since they come and go so quickly.  

Will be back with paintings, as things slow down.... I bring my camera and try not to creep people out by taking pictures of my daughter often scolds me.  I just can't help myself, I see potential paintings everywhere!  


  1. Have a fab time. Take a sketchbook - no -one is creeped out by someone sketching - and you might even get an audience! Have cards ready for them - and you may catch yourself an art-supporting angel xx

  2. I know about the "creeping around" feeling you get when you are trying to take photos for potential paintings. My guy says he's going to make up a sign to hang around my neck that reads, "Please ignore me. I'm an artist."

  3. Pat, love the idea, I am packing my pencils, paper pad with the horse show bags!

    Lee, Could he make me a sign too!?