Monday, August 15, 2011

watercolor painting of duckling "Like A Duck To Water"

"Like A Duck to Water" ©Maria Reichert 2011 8 by 10 inch watercolor on paper

I have been away traveling with my daughter while she shows her horse.  I have been in Oklahoma City for 9 days and have really missed my painting, blogs and painter friends.  

My daughter set her goal this  year to show at the quarter horse world show in Oklahoma, was well on her way to gathering the points she needed, when her horse came up sore.  Being the mom, I tried to ease her disappointment, let her down easy... that she may not be able to reach her goal.

Well, being so much more resilient than me, she found another horse to ride and set out diligently to start over with points, with a much more limited time frame!  Again I tried to protect her from disappointment by letting her know how hard it would be to get those points with such limited time left.

Well, that did not slow her down a bit, she not only made her goal, to qualify for the show, but finished in the top 20 of the class!

Very inspiring, I guess, if you want something bad enough, giving up is not an option. You just may have to take a detour at times.....just remember where you were headed when you started out on the journey.

Like Toby Keith sings....."If you don't know where you're going, you might wind up somewhere else..."


  1. A great, big HURRAH for your daughter! And you duck is so cute - his "face" is just perfect, Maria.

  2. This is one of my favorites you have done. He is so cute and the water is lovely. You do great work Maria, Love,Diana

  3. Thanks! I struggle with landscapes, especially water, so ....I am so glad you like the water!

  4. Well done to your daughter!

    and the duck looks cute, but the ripples - outstanding!

  5. Really lovely painting Maria. Great work on the duck, and the water is really beautiful.

  6. Oh, such a cute duck! And the water is artfully rendered... really nice!

  7. Thank you Linda, water is a struggle for me, so I just keep trying it! Ill get the swing of it one day!