Tuesday, August 23, 2011

watercolor painting of Mare and Foal, "You and Me Against the World"

watercolor painting mare and foal on paper, "You and Me Against the World" 8 by 10 inch, work in progress, Maria Reichert © 2011
Visited a Quarter Horse farm on the outskirts of Oklahoma City, and enjoyed  meeting a handful of mares and their foals.   It was early morning before the heat set in.  Just love the mix of emotions as the babies struggle between curiosity, playfulness and being timid and shy.  

First they come over to the fence, dodge your attempts to make friends, then nibble on your shirt sleeve when you turn away.  As soon as you turn your full attention on them, they run to mom and glare at you as if you were an evil intruder!

The mares watch them protectively but with a somewhat weary and bored expression.  

Loved this image of the grey mare with her foal and how they blend together.  Decided to try this in watercolor and really wanted to capture the early morning light on the mane of the mare and the deep shadows created as the sun crawled through the run in shed.  

And the bond, really want you to see the connection.  Mother and baby.   Nothing else like it.

This is a work in progress!  Much further to go on this one.


  1. I ADORE this. And your words describe the scene to perfection.

  2. What a great start, Maria. I notice you haven't started the eyes. I know alot of artists to always do the eyes first because as they say the eyes capture the essence of the animal or person and the rest falls into place. Is this your usual way to paint....do the eyes last? Just wondering.

  3. Thanks Margaret, so happy you like them! I could watch the little ones all day so sweet!

    Carol, I seem to do the eyes last....because they are so important I find the other parts easier....so I procrastinate I guess! May try them first next time....just to see if I like it better!

  4. This looks like a great start. Can't wait to see it done. I do envy you getting to see all the mares and foals.

  5. Very descriptive writing and beautiful beginning on paper. Looking forward to seeing the finished piece xx

  6. OK, Lee, Laura and Pat, I am going to work on it now, you are all so encouraging!

  7. It sounds a lot like human mom's and children. I guess we all have a basic connection. The painting looks great, cannot wait to see the end results.