Friday, September 2, 2011

"Summer Time" acrylic painting two horses in the field

"Summer Time" 8 by 10 inch acrylic on canvas board © Maria Reichert
I am always taking photos on our days at the barns, intrigued by the light and shadows as the sun moves over the sky.  Wanted to give this scene a go in acrylics.  
First the horse in the distance gave me some struggles and then had a hard time with the white horse.  Decided to focus on the light instead of the shapes and I began to like the painting more....
This is 8 by 10 inches on acrylic board.  


  1. ...I think you found the secret. I adore the tail swishing - it really makes the photo "real". I like the brush strokes and touches of white in the background. I'd say this is a wonderful success!

  2. Maria, this is great! I think your forte may be acrylics.

  3. Thanks Margaret, I keep looking for the "secret" of each painting, sometimes it is so...evasive!
    Glad you like it Kathryn, I do like the acrylics, but love the watercolors still!

  4. This is wonderful. I can image standing by a fence and looking at this scene! Beautiful.

  5. It's definitely a success! The patterns of light on the horses is really great and I love the looseness you've achieved. It's such a peaceful scene.