Wednesday, September 7, 2011

watercolor painting flowers in a pot "Too Pink"

watercolor painting of two flowers in a ceramic pot, "Too Pink" 5 by 7 inches on paper
I don't have a big painting project in mind just yet, so I have been painting small paintings of whatever pops up.  

These flowers (begonias??) are planted in a pot which sets in an old tree stump on the in laws farm.  Every year, the same pot and the same flower.  

I don't have a plan when I plant my flowers, I go to the nursery and come home with what catches my eye. I plant them wherever I have an open spot or an empty pot.  I leave room for my perennials and the volunteer seedlings which pop up.

A little the same with my painting...don't like to paint the same thing over and over, I paint what catches my eye and leave room for what may turn up!