Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Great Ride, acrylic on board

    So, one day, the hubby came home with this .....boat.  Sent him to the store for groceries, and he came home with bread, milk, and a boat, which he saw for sale on the side of the road.
    So, we figured out how to hook the boat trailer up to the boat, how to get it down the boat ramp into the water, how to tube, kneeboard and then, the kids wanted to water ski.
     Kids learned quickly, hubby took to it as though he had done it all his life.  And then there was me.
I was never the high school athlete, rather read a book than play kickball.  Kids and hubby are convinced I will love water skiing.
     So, I am out there in the lake behind this boat, and have no idea how you get up on those skinny little skis.  It took me the whole summer, but I got up on the skis. Once I stand up, I go through a short period where I am petrified, then slowly loosen up a bit, then begin to relax, and think how great is this? Best think I have ever done! What a blast!
     Often go through the same sequence when I paint. I look down at that blank paper, and think, "I have no idea how to do this, what am I thinking?!" Then I keep painting and  I think, "I can do this, see, its starting to look like something!"  Then, something else takes over, and it is just fun,  I don't worry so much and I just enjoy the process.
    If I try to think it out, I have no idea how to get out of the water and stand up on those skis or how to make a picture from those brushes and tubes of paint, but once I get going, it is such a great ride!