Sunday, December 4, 2011

Got Your Back, horse watercolor on paper

"Got Your Back", horse watercolor on paper 8 by 10 inches ©Maria Reichert 
I have been busy working on commission Christmas presents, and finding it a bit different, trying to paint on a deadline.  Reminds me a little of my February goal of 28 paintings in 28 days. There are pluses and minuses to painting with a time frame in mind.  One plus is that it keeps me moving and on track, where at times my mind seems to wander from the task at hand!  Minus is definitely that I don't have enough time to look at where the painting needs to go, I seem to get a head of myself and sometimes wish I had slowed down a bit, chosen colors a little differently.   I think it is all part of the learning process.

Took a break from painting from others' photos, to play with this photo, from a farm where my daughter rides.  I call it "Got Your Back".  Horses are such social creatures.


  1. Lovely painting, your horses are so good!
    Know what you mean about time in Dec, so much to do too! xx

  2. Thanks Kathryn, Pat. I am still practicing those dogs too....can't wait to share the lab portrait, I really like the eyes in the lab painting....

  3. I can see why you have been busy. Your art work is very lovely.

  4. Hey, Maria! I love the horses and congratulations on being so busy with commissions! I could have sworn I left a comment a few days ago...guess I didn't finish or something- anyway I love these horses, you really have a talent for them.

  5. Thank you Margaret! Hi Sheryl, so glad you are back, hope you are settled in to your new studio!?