Monday, January 23, 2012

The Daily Paintworks Challenge

Daily Paintworks Challenge 8 by 10 inch on Canson watercolor paper, The Daily News ©Maria Reichert

The Daily Paintworks Challenge of the week.  The seated figure.  Started this with a watercolor pencil sketch last night and added some color this morning.   Used a lot of reds and greens and a touch of cadmium orange for fun!  See the other submissions here.

Have a creative week.


  1. I really love your use of color!

  2. Gorgeous work. I love the use of colour too :) xx

  3. Thanks Lee, thanks Pat, those challenges really get me to try things I wouldn't try, I think its good for me...

  4. Looks really good, Maria! Figures are tough- you did it well, and I love the colors you chose.