Friday, December 14, 2012

So Smart, boxers pose for their portrait

11 by 14 watercolor portrait © Maria 2012
I have finished this Christmas portrait today will sign, pack and maybe hand deliver.  One more to complete, the sketch is done, but must start adding some color.  

And on the to do list, finish Christmas shopping for my two teenagers.  Must confess, it was easier to shop for them when they were little!

Always amazed what dogs contribute to our lives, but found this article interesting.  Dogs able to detect low blood sugar in diabetics. So smart!


  1. Maria, your Boxer menage-a-trois is adorable!!! Interesting about dogs and low blood sugar in diabetes. I remember seeing an article a few years ago about dogs detecting cancer.

  2. Gorgeous trio, Maria! Very well done xx

  3. They are so cute, Maria- Really nice work! Good luck with the shopping- my boys are grown and like amazon gift cards- EASY! Merry Christmas!

  4. Hello Maria:) The are indeed Angels with fur:) What these dogs do for people with diabetes, so are there are also dogs that indicate when someone get a epileptie attack. I also have epileptie but fortunately still no dog necessary! A very interesting article. Thank you for sharing! Your painting is wonderful. Three very sweet dogs:)