Friday, January 18, 2013

You Turn My World Upside Down

Sleeping dogs 5 by 7 on watercolor paper ©Maria's Watercolor Art
Number 16 of 30 dogs for January.  Met these sleeping puppies at a horse show, and was a little envious of how they sleep so stress free in the middle of all the noise and commotion.  Trying to paint quicker, fewer details, focus on value changes with these paintings.  Not really finished paintings, guess you would call them studies.  Thanks for your support and your feedback on this crazy January painting spree, keeps me painting :)  More than half way there.  Anyone have some dog photos they would care to share?!


  1. Wonderful personality. I feel like I know this dog.

  2. Beautifully painted and what a cute pose!

  3. What a fab, laughing dog!
    Are you enjoying the project?
    Feel free to swipe any of Missy from my blog, if you get stuck for dog pics - or try Morguefile - tons of dog photos there!

  4. We have a bulldog lab mix and he sleeps just like this, back legs spread open for all the world to see. LOLOL I love when the puppies and dogs are comfortable enough with life to expose their softer sides like this. Makes me feel happy knowing they are so happy.