Thursday, January 10, 2013

Sweet Dreams acrylic painting

"Sweet Dreams"  8 by 8 acrylic on canvas ©Maria's Watercolor Art
Switching things up a bit, and opened up the acylic paints for this one!  Number 8 of 30 in 30 Leslie Saeta Painting Challenge, see the others Here

And read a great article on a pet owner paying it forward with dog food Here


  1. looks great! You should do more acrylics. I love how it's still so clearly your style (which I love btw)even though it's in such a different medium.

  2. Love your composition and brush work!

  3. I love following this series of dog paintings,and couldn't resist this one - so adorable!

  4. This is lovely, Maria. He really does look like he is having the best of dreams.