Saturday, March 2, 2013

To Inspire

To Inspire 9 by 12 watercolor on Fabriano paper ©Maria's Watercolor Art
My entry for the Daily Paintworks Challenge.  The Challenge this week was to paint a statue.  My reference photo was taken outside the Oklahoma State Fairgrounds, where there is this larger than life horse monument.  We spent a few weeks there while my daughter showed her horse.  Took a while to get used to the heat of Oklahoma in August.  At 106 degree high temperatures, this statue was smoking red hot! 


  1. It certainly does inspire! Well done! I love the fact that you painted this as a result of your daughter's horse show event. That's wonderful that she does that, and that you've commemorated the event so beautifully with this painting!

  2. The bronze has been captured so very well, good luck in the challenge

  3. Love the tones in the bronze! I'll bet it was smoking hot! That kind of heat is just way too miserable for me. We hit some super duper hot days here last spring and summer as well and I just wilt.