Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Jackie O Day 4

"Jackie O"  oil on gallery wrapped canvas, NFS
The reference photo for this painting was taken by my daughter on her cell phone while she was riding her horse bareback, no bridle.  She would only do that when I was NOT with her, because it made me too nervous.  Although I know she enjoyed sending the picture to me, for a good giggle on her part!

As we took her to college for her first year, I miss her so much!  Good thing I have thirty days of painting to keep my mind busy.


  1. Just lovely, you capture the movement and the horse's quizzical expression is perfect!

  2. Beautiful painting! Love the movement and the way the light reflects off his coat! It is tough when those babies go off to college - it will get easier with time - and plenty of painting to keep your mind occupied!

  3. What an amazing point of view on this piece, Maria! I wish I could agree with Tammie...I would love living with my kids for all eternity and their kids and husbands, etc. I just have never stopped missing them, though admit that I do like the less pull on me...

  4. Lovely point of view here, the turn of the neck, the eye, and the absolutely gorgeous colors you used. Found you thru the 30 Day Challenge! So glad I did.