Friday, August 1, 2014

Get Some Coaching

"Get Some Coaching"  8 by 10 pencil sketch on bristol paper, Maria's Watercolor Art

I would like  to share a link with you to an article by Brendon Burchard, "Five Steps For Achieving Your Goals", as the line from his article that comes to mind today is ...

Get Some Coaching...

Five Steps For Achieving Your Goals

With no formal training in art, I so often think where do I begin??  So often I have been told the way to progress is to practice, practice and practice some more.  An accomplished  artist once  told me 2 hours of practice per day and you can be good at anything. Really?  Anything?!  That is very encouraging.

Well, I must say, I practice each day, and keep an active sketchbook, paint whenever I have the chance, but only recently  I picked up a book I found on drawing techniques, I am only half way through and have learned so much already.  Different paper, shading techniques, measuring guides, so much I never knew.

I will continue the practice, but what a difference a little guidance makes.

Don't get me wrong, I have art books, but I really think at this point, some focused coaching would be a great direction to take.

Any books, videos, workshops you would like to share with me?!

Could coaching be a help to you at this point of your journey?


  1. HI Maria, Your work has grown and grown. You started out lovely and have just continued to wow me. Cathy Johnson is one of my fav. love ,Diana

    1. Thank You so much Diana. I pulled out some old sketchbooks the other day and it is encouraging to see how the drawing has improved with practice :) Sometimes it is hard to see the progress and your words mean so much. Just googled Cathy Johnson's art and watched a few painting videos of hers on YouTube. Love her style! I will be following her as well!