Monday, September 8, 2014

Number 8 of the 30 day challenge, Splash

"Splash"  8 by 8 watercolor on paper
"Splash" is an 8 by 8 watercolor on rough watercolor paper.  Struggled for a few days on this one, but think we will call it complete here.  This is the eigth painting of a 30 painting challenge for the month of September.  Theme of "Moving On" or Action paintings.

Can be purchased for 35 dollars plus 5 dollars for shipping.


  1. This one really shows action, Maria. Hope you enjoy the 30 day challenge. The last one I did, by about the 20th painting, I was so through with it, but I kept going! It is a challenge.

  2. Dear Maria - certainly can feel the splash in this piece. Love those blues. Very lovely. Good luck with your challenge. Have a great day.

  3. They look like they are having a frolicking good time! I love this; the colors especially so.