Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Coming Home

"Follow Closely" 8 by 10 pencil sketch watercolor print available for purchase Here

A busy day today in the Art Studio, a couple of paintings to pack and ship, one custom pet portrait to finish, supplies to order, blog to write.  I want to fit in a weeks worth of work today, and take the rest of the week off since my daughter is home for Fall Break from college... tonight!  We have horses to visit, shopping to do, cookies to make, concerts to watch, lunches at Panera to attend.  I am thankful that my art allows me to be flexible with my time, take days off when I want.  

It reminds me of why I sold my veterinary practice years ago when my two children were young.  I couldn't bear to miss a field trip, school open house, a soccer game and wanted to be home with them when they were home and was never satisfied with babysitters (however wonderful they were).  

I loved practicing as a small animal vet, loved my patients and my clients and my staff too.  But when I commit, I commit wholeheartedly and it was hard for me to be the parent I wanted to be and the vet I wanted to be.  In my mind, I had to choose.  

There are days I miss practicing, miss my stethoscope, the white coat with my name tag on it, miss the new puppy visits, but know I would make the same choice if given the chance again.  

I love how my artwork allows me to love what I do, learn something new everyday, but take days away so easily, and never lose a day I have to spend with my family.

Anyway, I am back to my to do list now.  Be back next week.  


  1. Beautiful watercolor. I especially like the silence of friendship I feel between the rider and horse.

  2. Is that your daughter? You are both gorgeous! Love this drawing too. Your life sounds so blessed, truly. I was the same way when my girls were growing up. Couldn't stand being apart from them. Still cant' but now it isn't something I can control. They have their own families!

  3. Love the drawing, it's so endearing. You are very gifted in so many ways Maria. love to you,Diana