Saturday, October 18, 2014

Starting to like Fall

A little Fall color in the my entry way
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Has been many years since I have ridden outside and enjoyed the leaves falling on me on a sunny Fall day.

A  Few flowers are still bright and cheerful before the frost ends their season for good, great inspiration for a painting.
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Honestly,  have never been a big fan of the fall.  I like summertime, long days, warm sunshine, being outside in shorts and a T.  Fall has moved in and I am trying so hard to adjust, to the shorter days and cool evenings.  I am painting the Fall flowers, going for rides with Cosmo on windy afternoons, watching the leaves turn bright orange, baking pumpkin spice gingerbread cookies (with cream cheese frosting!)

“Autumn...the year’s last, loveliest smile.” by William Cullen Bryant

Came across this quote, and since I have read it, I have noticed the crazy fall clouds and the dew on the pumpkins, and the smell of bonfires on our afternoon walks, I am digging out the wool scarves and my favorite mittens.  Even watched a little college football !
Spiced GingerBread Pumpkin Cookies
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I will enjoy whatever Mother Nature has in store. 

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  1. My favorite season of them all is the autumn. I love your post and the fact it brings all together in one small post as to why I love it so. Gorgeous colors!