Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Framing Tips For Watercolor Paintings

Tips For Framing Watercolor paintings (prints of this image available Here)

I paint the most in watercolor, I love the way the colors mix on both the palette and on the paper, love the way you mix yellows, reds and blues to get beautiful lighting effects, and how easy it is to clean up after, I love everything about the medium.  

A unique aspect of watercolor painting is the framing needs.   Unlike oil or acrylic, watercolor needs to be matted and framed behind glass to protect the painting.  I enclose some tips with my paintings when I ship them and thought I would share those here as well.

Basic Tips on the Care of your Painting 
  1. Do not place anything on surface of the painting, watercolor paintings are not varnished and have no protection from moisture and stains.
  2. Avoid touching the surface of the painting because oil from your skin can damage paper and leave marks.
  3. Watercolor paintings are meant to be framed behind glass, UV protective glass is recommended.  You want at least 1/8 inch space between the surface of the painting and the glass, a mat will help to preserve this space.
  4. Use acid free material to display and frame your work, including mat and backboard.
  5. Do not  place your painting in direct sunlight because you may see fading over time.
  6. Do not display your painting in a damp location (such as a bathroom) because watercolor paintings are not varnished and have no protection from moisture. 
Tips For Framing
 1.  Request conservation materials, including glass, matting and backing. This will help protect your painting from fading, deteriorating, etc. 

 2.  Ask for neutral matting, at least for the predominant mat, so the colors in the art can make their own statement. If a double or triple mat is used, small accents of color can help support the colors you used in the art. 

 3.  Be sure to use mat borders and frames that are proportional to the art. It is so common for people to select mats and frames that are too small for the art. When this is done, the framing tends to crowd the art and diminish its perceived value. Wider borders help to provide visual relief, enabling people viewing the art to really focus on it without being distracted by the room around it.

Tips For Framing Watercolor Paintings (Prints of this image available Here
Any other tips you would like to add?  I think the framing of any piece of art is so important and can really change the look of the piece. You can follow my Framing Board on Pinterest if you are looking for inspiration.  
Here is that link:  'Framed" on Pinterest

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