Sunday, September 20, 2015

Two New Horses in a New Oil Painting

I was asked by a friend to paint a larger oil painting for her new house.  Well I don't often paint in oil, and most of my paintings are smaller, but I told her I would give it a try.  It was 36 by 36 and was just so much fun to work on.  Loved painting large and loose.  So when the local art store had a sale on larger canvas I couldn't help but bring a few home and give this another try.   Not finished with this one yet, but thought I would share the work in progress. 
24 by 36 oil on canvas Work in Progress

 I started with a 24 by 36 inch canvas, used a mx of acrylic to create a colored ground and began a rough sketch in charcoal.

Now I could begin to block in large areas of color.  Not sure my brushes are large enough to paint on this large of a canvas, but I used what I had.  

Continuing to block in colors. 

Added in a little background color.

Started to block in some on the second horse.  
And this is where it stands now.  More work to do here but may let it dry and then work on some detail, color adjustment.   24 by 36 oil on canvas. 

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