Pet Portraits

I paint custom pet portraits in bright and colorful watercolor medium on professional quality watercolor paper.  My style of painting is loose and painterly.

Contact me if you are interested in a Custom Pet Portrait, I can work from your photos to create a portrait of your pet in watercolor.  Here are some I have painted recently and these may give you some ideas.

Information for Pet Portraits:

  • Please e-mail photos to, highest resolution possible, you may need to send one photo per email if the images are large.  I cannot work from professionally taken photos without the written permission of the photographer due to copyright law.
  • Mark the pet pose you prefer, but send additional photos for accurate coat and eye color if necessary.
  • Outdoor photos with NO FLASH work best (or else you will not get a very good eye photo, you will see an odd reflection from the back of the eye and not the actual iris color of the eye.)
  • Fill the frame with your your pet, up close photos make the best portraits.  
  • Photos taken at same level as your pet are most interesting, so get down to their level when you take the photo!
  • Include Favorite Items: maybe the ball your retriever always carries, or the blanket that they love to sleep with....
  • For horse portraits please stand back and use your zoom lens to prevent distortion of the image, (or else your horse's head will appear very large and the body very small.)
  • It is very helpful if you can tell me a little about your pets personality.
  • I will simplify the background unless you specify otherwise, to keep the focus on your pet (detailed backgrounds may increase the cost of the portrait)
  • Typically 2 to 4 week turnaround, but please let me know if you have a timeframe, I can usually work to meet that time request.
  • Christmas time is very busy, please contact me as early as possible if you are looking for a Christmas Gift or maybe consider a gift certificate.
  • I typically ship the painting flat, carefully packed, USPS priority mail with delivery confirmation.

I am not painting people portraits at this time.  

I use only professional quality paints and archival, heavyweight watercolor paper for all paintings.

These are unframed and watercolor paintings will require matting, glass and frames.  I do not offer framing services at this time, but can help you to choose your framing and provide tips for mat and/or frame colors.  I ship the paintings flat and carefully packed, and ship USPS priority mail.

 Thank you,  please feel free to contact me with questions.

                               Pricing    Shipping/Packaging        
 5 by  7                      75.00         5.00
 8 by 10                   115.00         9.00
11 by 14                  175.00       14.00
16 by 20                  215.00       17.00

This is the price for One Pet, simple background. Each Additional Pet in the painting will add $50 dollars to the cost of the painting.  More complex backgrounds will add to the cost.  

Gift Certificates are available

Ecks and Sam 16 by 20 inch watercolor  SOLD

Jackie O 5 by 7 inch watercolor  Not For Sale

16 by 20 watercolor on paper SOLD Prints Available HERE

Biscuit 8 by 10 watercolor SOLD 

8 by 10 watercolor on paper SOLD Prints Available HERE

8 by 10 watercolor on paper SOLD

 8 by 10 watercolor on paper  SOLD Prints Available HERE

 8 by 10 watercolor on paper Original SOLD Prints Available HERE

8 by 10 watercolor on paper For Sale Here

 5 by 7 watercolor on paper Original is SOLD Prints are Available HERE

8 by 10 watercolor on paper SOLD Prints Available HERE

8 by 10 watercolor on paper SOLD

22 by 30 watercolor on paper SOLD